Sunday, April 4, 2010

18 Haiku

Grey wet plop plop plops
Not so bad... except, look up---
I can't find the sun!

I don't hear the wind
I look & see quiet trees
But the heat is out.

Cavemen built fires
Out of the wind. They survived.
Modern man doesn't know.

I light the pilot.
Heat roars. Ten minutes later
it's out again. Rats.

I watch the greyness
Spirit slumps. I'd rather dance
On the tips of leaves.

In a drop of dew
In the sunlight, what is seen?
Who dances there? Do I?

Light is sometimes
Only inside looking out.
Blink but remember.

Do you know that place?
The one where sun shines always?
I come from there.

Hiding in a tent
Sheet over table, hidden,
I look out to sea.

The captain hails me.
I spring up, I run outside
And swim out from shore.

The boat picks me up
We sail off. Australia!
Goodbye England.

Old memories don't die.
They linger, like lamps in fog
Lighting the way home.

Spider webs, rocks,
A path I know by heart.
Walking is easy.

Sometimes the hard part
Is to go on to new places,
Let go, don't look back.

We don't have one life.
We have many, but no memories.
Just that tugging, here.

Do you feel it now?
Does it speak to you inside?
I hear it, yes.

To light a lantern
Is to remember the light
Inside. Forget rain.

I dance on the head
Of a pin, endlessly full
Of joy, remembering.

April 4, 2010