Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Lost Cat Dream

In a dream, I walk
Clutching my white cat to me,
Stroking her soft fur

I walk down white steps,
Gazing into her gaze. Eyes
One blue and one green.

The green on the left,
The blue on the right, I seek
To remember this.

Etch that gaze inside,
Remember always, which eye
Is which, this white cat.

I miss her grace so,
Love of my heart, blessed Soul
Sweet one, full of purrs...

"Love you", I whisper
In her ear, nuzzle her head
Soak in her love....

How could I have lost
This sweet Soul, forgotten her,
Not returned for her?

She is so dear! Ah!
The softness of her, the bliss,
The sweet tenderness....

I stroke her warm fur,
I whisper my sweet nothings,
Mean to keep her safe.

The dream moves on. They
Always do. She is not here.
I sketch her two eyes.

I yearn for this cat.
How could I lose her? Again...
I torment myself.

Dreaming, I recite
My tale of loss, how this sweet cat
Was forgotten, lost....

The stranger listens,
Nods her head, sympathizes....
I go on and on.

When I pause, "Meow"
Awakens me. I sit up.
My spotted cat stares.

Samantha awaits,
Hazel eyes gaze, grey white fur.
"Feed me," she emotes.

I try to recall
The white cat with those two eyes
A blue eye, a green....

I remember Star,
All white, but two yellow eyes...
Not forgotten, she....

Who was this dream cat?
With green eye and blue? Who now?
I am at a loss.

But the heart knows, yes.
Only the mind does not know.
I am confounded.

Stare into the dream
Chase the meaning like a wisp
Of cat hair, floating….

In a deep far place,
I think I remember now.
But do I really?

Bemused, I ponder.
Was this cat Puff, Star’s grand sire,
Fur like a lamb’s?

All I know is that
This white cat lives elsewhere now,
A green meadow place.